Per the WSPTA Standards of Affiliation agreement, at least one elected officer must attend PTA and the Law, and all other elected officers must attend at least one WSPTA approved training before this year’s WSPTA convention. Visit the WSPTA website for a training requirement flyer and tracking spreadsheet.

Training Classes

We talk a lot about training, about being trained, tracking training requirements, and making sure all of your elected officers are trained. How do you know which training is right for you or your board? Here are handy dandy list of possible classes that LWPTSA Council can provide.

  • PTA 101 Classes – For first time board members and those looking for refreshers.
  • PTA 201 Classes – For those who’ve served on a PTA board and/or are looking for more in-depth classes.

We are always happy to work with PTAs to provide training. Contact your AVP or any member of the Board of Directors to request training.

Training Calendar

State and National PTA Training