Learn about our legislative priorities and other supported issues, and find out more ways to get involved. Our advocacy work is directed and powered by our members.

3 Easy Ways You Can Make a Difference:

  1. Become a PTA Member: By becoming a PTA member at your school, you add to the impact the PTA is already making on your behalf. Our Washington State PTA team is already advocating in Olympia and will continue this work throughout the session. Your membership increases our numbers, which adds more weight to our advocacy efforts in our legislators’ eyes. Visit your school’s PTA website and join!
  2. Contact your state legislators as a PTA member and share our Washington State PTA Legislative Platform: By adding your voice to those PTA members already working on your behalf, you raise the volume of our requests and help make sure our legislators know these issues are truly a priority for ALL of us.
  3. Contact your state legislators as a parent and community member to share your own personal concerns, stories and opinions: Although as PTA members we legally must share the official PTA stances and platform, as individual constituents we always have the right to speak our own opinions and add weight to the grassroots interest in these important topics.

WSPTA Legislative Priorities for 2023-2024

The Washington State PTA legislative platform is a two-year platform to mirror the Washington state legislative cycle. On the even-numbered years, the new platform is voted on by members at the legislative assembly in the fall. The top five issues become our short-term platform and consist of our priority issues when advocating throughout the year. Other issues are placed on an “also-supported” list. During the odd-numbered years, members vote to amend current issues or to add new, emerging issues to the also-supported list.

  • Top 5 Legislative Priorities for 2023-2024
  • Addressing the Student Mental Health Crisis
  • Addressing Critical Gaps in Education Funding
  • Preventing and Reducing Gun Violence and Suicide
  • Addressing Funding, Inclusion and Supports in Special Education
  • Building and Maintaining Safer School Facilities
  • 2023-2024 WSPTA-Supported Issues
  • Creating a Diverse and Effective Educator Workforce
  • Expanding School Construction Funding Options
  • Harnessing the Benefits of Mastery-Based Learning
  • Improving Equitable Identification and Access for Highly Capable Students
  • Increasing Education Equity by Closing the Digital Divide
  • Increasing Support for Equitable Family Engagement
  • Mitigating the Adverse Impacts of Climate Change
  • Multi and Heritage Language Education for All
  • Supporting and Meaningful High School Diploma

For more information visit the WA State PTA Advocacy site or email LWPTSA Council’s Advocacy VP, Zahra Eslami (she/her), at Advocacy {at}

LWSD Legislative Priorities for 2024

Take Action

  • Join the WSPTA Action Network Group: Sign up to receive timely information and action alerts during the Washington State Legislative sessions.
  • WSPTA Legislative Assembly: Attend this annual fall event to learn about the issues, how you can take action and network with other PTA leaders.
  • WSPTA Focus Day: During each year’s legislative session, Washington State PTA holds an annual Focus Day to bring members together at the state capitol to advocate for the association’s legislative platform.
  • Find State Legislators – Look up your Washington state legislators, and share what is important to you.

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