Incorporation Dates

All nonprofits must be registered with the Washington Secretary of State Office. Renewal is due annually on the month of their incorporation. Don’t know when your local PTA’s or PTSA’s corporate renewal is due? See below.

Elementary School PTAs/PTSAs — Renewal Month
Alcott — May
Audubon — February
Bell — July
Blackwell — September
Carson — June
Clara Barton — May
Dickinson — March
Einstein — June
Ella Baker — May
Franklin — June
Frost — August
Juanita — March
Keller — March
Kirk — January
Lakeview — September
McAuliffe — May
Mann — January
Mead — October
Muir — September
Rosa Parks — June
Redmond — February
Rockwell — April
Rose Hill — May
Rush — February
Sandburg — November
Smith — August
Thoreau — February
Twain — November
Wilder — September

Middle/High School PTAs/PTSAs — Renewal Month
Evergreen MS — April
Finn Hill MS — March
Inglewood MS — May
Kamiakin MS — February
Kirkland MS — December
Redmond MS — April
RSAR — December
Rose Hill MS — January
Eastlake HS — May
ICS — April
Juanita HS — December
Lake WA HS — June
Redmond HS — June
Tesla STEM — July
Timberline MS — June

As of Jan. 10, 2023, the State of Washington Office of the Secretary of State offers ALL nonprofit filings, including charitable organization renewals and corporate annual reports, online via the Corporations and Charities Filing System (CCFS). Please be familiar with your filing deadline, and submit your filings early to avoid penalty.