2023-2024 LWPTSA Reflections Winners

National PTA Reflections 2023-2024: I Am Hopeful Because ...LWPTSA Council is pleased to have had 326 entries from 39 PTAs entered in our Council-level Reflections competition this year!

Each entry was evaluated by independent judges. These selections earned the highest rankings and will advance to the Washington State PTA round of competition. (Please note: The five entries marked with an asterisk (*) will not move on to the state round.) Congratulations to all participants!

Full List of 2023-2024 Council Reflections Winners (PDF)

2023-2024 Reflections Open House

WHEN: Friday, January 19, 2024, from 6 to 8 pm
WHERE: LWSD Resource Center (16250 NE 74th St., Redmond WA 98052)

Join us in person as we showcase and celebrate the inspirational and original works of art created by student artists from local PTAs who participated in this year’s National PTA Reflections art contest, and see the winning Council-level selections moving on to Washington State PTA judging!

All students and family members, school staff, friends, art enthusiasts and esteemed Reflections judges are invited to this celebration!

Art will remain on display through Thursday, Jan. 25 following the Open House at the LWSD Resource Center, for public viewing during business hours and whenever the Resource Center is open.

Open House Information for Local Reflections Chairs

Please gather the physical artwork of the students who advanced to the Council level of judging—specifically the visual art, photography and literature entries—and bring them to display at the LWSD Resource Center on January 18 between 10:30 am and 4 pm. We already have your digital copies of dance choreography, music composition and film production entries that can be showcased on multimedia.

Displaying Your Artwork

Example of mounted and labeled artworkSecurely mount the visual art and photography entries on a sturdy surface and place them inside a transparent sleeve (example 1 and example 2). Print the student details, as listed below, on a 4″ x 3″ sticker (example). Apply these labels over the sleeve accordingly.

  • Student name & grade
  • Title of artwork
  • Artist statement (from entry form)
Click for example of artwork display label
Max Manger, Grade 5
My Voice
I have always done what I like, but mom said that's my inner voice. When I showed my love care and compassion, it was always right. I choose to continue to show my voice through good work starting from home and school.

If you have received digital versions of literature entries, please print them on A4 sheets. Mark each work with the artist’s name, grade, title and artist’s statement. For any handwritten copies, please bring them in person. Literature entries do not require mounting; however, kindly secure them together to prevent any pages from getting misplaced.

Setting Up Your Display

Chairs are requested to bring all these artworks to the LWSD Resource Center on Thursday, January 18, anytime between 10:30 am and 4 pm, and personally place them on the wire grids beneath your respective PTSA’s/PTA’s name board. In the event you’re unable to do so, we kindly ask that you seek assistance from friends or other PTA members from your school.

Collecting Your Artwork

As we are not sending hard copies of art to the WSPTA competition, we request you return on Jan. 26 between 9 am and 2 pm to retrieve your PTA’s art. Please do not leave any art pieces at the Resource Center after the 26th. We do not have space to store them and are not responsible for lost or misplaced art. If you cannot make it during these times, please ask another representative from your PTA or school to assist.

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