2023-2024 Membership Chair: OPEN
2023-2024 Membership Goal: 12,000

The strength of PTA lies in its membership—the parents, teachers, school administrators, business leaders and community members who believe in making a difference in the lives of children. Members are the foundation of PTA and provide voice, passion, leadership and hard work needed to fulfill PTA’s mission.

Our membership goal is to provide resources and support to all our local PTAs so that they can achieve their individual membership goals. Need ideas for your ongoing membership campaign or help redesigning your membership form? Council is happy to help! Email: membership {at} lwptsa {dot} net.

Value of PTA

PTA is the oldest child advocacy organization in existence dedicated to the education, health, welfare and safety of children. PTA continues to be relevant as it advocates for ALL children and provides opportunities to make a difference in the lives of kids. When you join a PTA, you support local, state and national efforts to improve the lives of children and their families.

Who Can Join

Anybody! PTA/PTSA involvement is not limited to parents, teachers and students. Local businesses, places of worship, service organizations, and anyone in your community are good people to ask to join. Membership is the heart of PTA, and we all make a difference—so consider becoming a member today. Find and join your local PTA in our Council’s service area.

Membership Updates & Tips

See past membership updates and tips

Membership Themes and Ideas

Membership is the responsibility of the whole PTA board. Start your membership strategy discussions at your spring or summer retreat and create a membership plan that continues year-round. Lake Washington PTSA Council has created a month-by-month membership checklist to use for planning and implementing your campaigns.
Month-by-Month Guide to Managing Membership (PDF)

Looking for help, information and resources to help launch your next membership campaign? The WSPTA Membership Toolkit includes: logos, marketing tools and tips, membership success stories, tips for community engagement, sample letters, forms, certificates and much more. Visit the WSPTA Membership Toolkit

WSPTA Memberplanet Database & Member Benefits

Washington State PTA provides each local PTA and council access to an online membership database through a platform called memberplanet. Each PTA is required to report its membership roster and elected board members in memberplanet. For training, tips and checklists, visit WSPTA’s memberplanet page.

Washington State PTA offers many discounts and benefits for PTA members! Visit the WSPTA Membership Benefits page for more information about these offers.

Membership Dues

Each month your PTA/PTSA will receive a monthly membership dues invoice (assuming you have new members) via email—one for WSPTA dues owed and one for LWPTSA Council dues owed. The invoices are also accessible via your PTA/PTSA memberplanet account (under “Group Billing” in the left navigation column). Important: If you feel that your local unit is not receiving the monthly WSPTA invoices, please email

  • Membership Service Fees ($9 per member)
  • $2.25 for National PTA
  • $5.75 for Washington State PTA
  • $1 for Lake Washington PTSA Council 2.8

WSPTA has rolled out a feature that allows PTAs to view and pay their invoices from their memberplanet homepage. You can access this feature by clicking “Group Billing” on the left navigation column. Per Washington State PTA Policy Manual (August 2022): Payment shall automatically be made in full via ACH through the database on the due date shown on the invoice. WSPTA and each local PTA must have a bank account associated with the database ACH system for processing dues payments.

Looking for more membership resources? Check National PTA’s website on how to Run Your PTA.