In order to support the 44 local units in our council, a number of volunteers are needed. Below are some of the volunteer opportunities that are currently available. If you have questions please contact the Co Presidents Brandi Comstock & Yumna Green at president@lwptsa.net. This page was last updated on 9/25/2021.

Board Positions

  • Secretary – The Secretary participates in the agenda planning meetings for board and council meetings, prepares the agenda for distribution, sends meeting reminders, and also takes minutes at the monthly general membership and board meetings. Record keeping duties also include reading correspondence at the general membership meetings, keeping meeting attendance logs, and managing the Standards of Affiliation documentation.
  • VP Advocacy – The VP Advocacy works with local unit representatives, the council presidents, and Lake Washington School District. They advocate for the whole child across our communities by providing opportunities for and education around advocacy at all levels of administration and government. Facilitate active participation in the legislative process. Educate members about the advocacy process, issues relevant to children, and advocacy opportunities. 
  • VP FACE – The job of the VP of Family and Community Engagement (FACE) is to provide support, ideas and models of inclusion to local PTSAs so that all families feel welcome, part of and engaged in their school communities. The VP FACE supports the following committees and projects: Parent Education, Special Education, At least 1 District-wide Community Event 

Chair Positions

  • Auction Chair – The auction chair, under the guidance of the Programs VP, coordinates our annual scholarship auction held in December. They request basket donations from each of the local PTA units and the community. Donations are received and curated into a catalog or online site. The event is promoted to local units, the school district, and community. This year’s auction, like last year’s, will be online due to the ongoing health situation. Time commitment is through December.
  • Emergency Prep Chair – The emergency prep chair works with the Programs VP and Lake Washington School district to support Emergency Preparedness across the district. They host a quarterly meeting of the local unit ePrep chairs and are empowered to provide educational events. Time commitment is through June.
  • Co-Chair Reflections – The Reflections Co Chairs coordinate the council-level submission, judging, and elevation to the next level of the competitive entries from each local unit. The chairs are responsible for a recognition event in January for all the council-level participants The chairs work closely with the Programs VP and Washington State PTA reflections committee. Time commitment is through February.
  • Parent Education Chair – The Parent Education Chair works with the FACE VP and Lake Washington School District to promote and host educational events in support of the adult members of district families. The chair is tasked with providing 4 to 6 events on an annual basis. Time commitment is through June.
  • Scholarship Chair – The Scholarship Chair works with a committee of at least two other people to promote and administer the scholarship program. This chair coordinates closely with the Programs VP and local high school counselors to administer this online program. Time commitment is through June.

Other Volunteer Positions

These positions are an excellent way to learn more about various council programs and can serve as a stepping stone to future leadership positions if desired.

  • Weekly Waves Editor – Wok with the Co presidents and Communications Chair to compile and curate content for the weekly newsletter on most weeks of the month, August – June. Publish the newsletter on Monday morning given content submitted the previous Thursday.
  • Currents Editor – Work with the Co presidents and Communications Chair to compile and curate content for the monthly newsletter on the third Monday of the month, August – June. Publish the newsletter given content submitted before the previous Thursday.
  • Website Editor – Work with the Communications Chair to update the council website as needed. Promote events and opportunities through calendar and blog posts.
  • Scholarship Committee – assist with running the scholarship program. Time commitment is through May.
  • Founders’ Day Committee – Work with the Founders’ Day chair to promote and execute a recognition and networking event in February 2022. This years’ event will be in a virtual format.