You Rock!

The You Rock! Award recognizes LWPTSA Council PTAs or individuals in the district who—through time, creativity and community—help students build for the future by doing something worth sharing with the rest of the district. You Rock! Awards are presented at monthly Council member meetings.

Anyone can nominate a worthy recipient. The award will help us all keep our eyes open wherever we go in the district and will allow us all to learn from some of the innovative work that is done every day at every school. Possible nominations could be for:

  • a unique program that builds school community, such as a BBQ or Ice cream social
  • a newsworthy newsletter or website that helps build community through information-sharing
  • an eye-catching bulletin board celebrating students, PTA memberships or PTA activities
  • advocacy activities that support the children and families in a PTA’s community
  • anything that builds strength and understanding of what PTA does for that school community

Recent You Rock! Recipients

Here is a video playlist of past You Rock! Award recipients.


We look forward to celebrating some of the amazing work that goes on across our Council. Don’t hesitate to nominate a person, committee or program from your school!