Let’s Hear It for Our WSPTA Membership Growth Award Recipients!

Congratulations to the following local PTAs and PTSAs who have been recognized by Washington State PTA for membership growth this school year (calculated based on membership as reported to WSPTA by PTAs, as of March 31, 2024):

  • Bronze (at least 1 more than last year’s total membership): Redmond Middle PTSA
  • Silver (at least 105% of last year’s total membership): Ben Franklin PTA, Sandburg/DCS PTSA, Wilder PTSA
  • Gold (at least 110% of last year): Alcott PTSA, Juanita Elementary PTSA, Lakeview PTSA, Redmond Elementary PTSA, Redmond HS PTSA, RSAR PTSA, Rose Hill Middle PTSA
  • Platinum (at least 120% of last year): Blackwell PTSA, Rachel Carson PTSA, Horace Mann PTSA, Kirkland Middle PTSA, Ben Rush PTA, Samantha Smith PTSA, Thoreau PTA

Membership Growth Awards are calculated periodically by WSPTA, based on membership records—no application needed. PTAs still have time to earn a growth award! As we are coming to the end of a membership year, it’s a great time to promote some summer discounts that people may want to take advantage of. Check out WSPTA’s member discounts page here. Local PTAs must be in good standing to be eligible for award recognition.

LWPTSA Council also extends our congratulations and thanks to these local units for their achievements in staff membership and general membership:

Platinum 100% Staff Membership Award

The 100% Staff Membership award is presented to local PTAs that enroll at least as many school staff members as there are full-time certificated employees at the school. This award recognizes the value of teachers and school staff as stakeholders advocating for all children through PTA membership. The Platinum-Level 100% Staff Membership Award is presented to PTAs that enroll ALL full-time certificated AND classified staff members employed at the school as PTA members.

  • Peter Kirk Elementary PTSA 2.8.45
  • Renaissance School of Arts & Reasoning PTSA 2.8.83

100% PTA Membership Award

This award is presented to local PTAs that enroll at least as many members as there are full-time enrolled students at the school associated with that PTA. This is the ultimate achievement in PTA membership and recognizes that every child in the school community has a paid PTA member ready to be their voice.

  • Peter Kirk Elementary PTSA 2.8.45
  • Elizabeth Blackwell Elementary PTSA 2.8.54

Congratulations to all of these PTAs on your achievements!