Spotlight: We ‘Like’ Our Local PTAs’ Social Media Communications!

March/April 2024

This month in our “Spotlight” feature, Council Area VP Amy Bodie collected some highlights on how our local PTAs are using social media to effectively communicate.

SpotlightEffective communication by PTAs can help connect families to your school, encourage parent participation, promote membership, share the values and accomplishment of your organization, and foster cooperation with your school. (California PTA Toolkit)

Your social media page can be a powerful communication platform to share information about your organization and help connect families to your school and LWSD community.   

Here are some examples of some standout communications on Facebook this March: 

Rosa Parks Elementary PTSA posted a PTSA survey to its community. The survey is simple but includes questions about communication preferences, after-school programming, community events, fundraising matching and enrichment.   

Twain Elementary PTSA has an incredible variety of posts on their feed, from spirit wear to nom com requests to upcoming Earth Day activities. Check out how they have posts for all Earth Day activities, as well as individual activity posts.

Mead Elementary PTSA did a delicious series of posts highlighting some of the food samples at their upcoming International Night. Yum!!

Juanita Elementary School PTA and Lake Washington High School PTSA created upcoming event graphic posts that combine multiple event reminders in a single post. 

Franklin Elementary School’s custodian was highlighted in an LWSD Facebook post. The PTA shared the post and noted their personal appreciation as well! 

Clara Barton Elementary PTSA used Facebook to thank their “volunteer heroes” for a successful Bingo Night and noted many volunteers by name. 

High schools’ and middle schools’ PTSAs don’t often have as much programming as elementary schools; however, Juanita High School and Evergreen Middle School PTSAs’ Facebook pages are couple of examples of ways to keep your page relevant, and your community connected, by sharing a variety of partner’s posts in addition to your own.    

These are only a few of the exceptional posts from our local PTSAs across the district this March. Keep up the amazing work, everyone!