Memberplanet Transition Time: Things to Know

Membership Audit — As WSPTA wraps up the year with Memberplanet as our membership database, it is important that our year-end work with reconciliation begins now. Please look at your PTA’s total “quantity of memberships,” and ensure that the number matches how many members you currently have. If you are unsure how to add members or remove members, please head over to this page to watch a quick video on the process.

Monthly Deposit Audit — Memberplanet will be doing an audit July-August to ensure that all dues have been paid and that all deposits have been closed out and made to PTAs. On a monthly basis, treasurers should have been looking through deposits and ensuring that all has been made accordingly. It is important that this continues to be completed through June 29, 2024. This is a great resource for PTA leaders on how to close out each month and reconcile payments.

Officer Reporting — Please continue to enter your 2024–25 officers into the “Committees” tab in Memberplanet, as WSPTA will be sending a final list of officers to Givebacks on July 1, 2024, so that Givebacks has the most current information.

Membership Lists — Your PTA does not need to enter previous members into Givebacks. WSPTA has transferred all the membership information for each PTA to Givebacks so that they can be uploaded into your PTAs Givebacks account. Entering your members from this year will make it appear as if your PTA owes funds for membership. For this year and previous years, members will be entered into Givebacks as a contact so that your PTA can reach out to them after July 1, 2024, to join your PTA again. Your PTA will want to run your own membership list, however, to keep in your files.

Active Subscriptions — Your PTA’s subscription will continue until the subscription ends. If your subscription goes beyond July 5, 2024, and your PTA wishes to cancel your subscription, please contact with a request for a refund. If your PTA wishes to remain on the Memberplanet platform for website services, your PTA will want to check out the updated pricing here.

Final Day to Submit Members — Memberplanet will be removing members and membership tabs from all PTA groups on June 30, 2024. This is to ensure that no further members are entered into the Memberplanet database. Run all final reports on June 29, 2024.

Questions? Contact WSPTA’s membership director, Jenn Talingo, at