Congratulations to LWPTSA Council’s 2024 Scholarship Award Recipients!

LWPTSA Council is pleased to announce the recipients of our 2024 academic scholarships. With the support of our local PTAs and the Lake Washington Education Association, we were able to award 17 student scholarships of $1,250 each and two $500 staff scholarships.

Council will host a scholarship awards reception and presentation ceremony on Monday, June 3, at 6:15 pm, at the LWSD Resource Center. All are welcome to attend!

Our scholarship award recipients this year are:

Merit Scholarships:

  • Maanit Goel (EHS Learning Community)
  • Janaki Venkatesh (EHS Learning Community)
  • Macklin Gray (JHS Learning Community)
  • Caroline Yim (JHS Learning Community)
  • Logan Chu (LWHS Learning Community)
  • Joanna “Joey” Lymberis (LWHS Learning Community)
  • Sophia Kim (RHS Learning Community)
  • Nishant Malpani (RHS Learning Community)

LWEA/Teeley Scholarship: Kayleigh Flaks (JHS — Cambridge)

Voc/Tech/2-year Scholarship: Alberto Mbengi (JHS)

Turnaround Scholarship: Rosalinda Hernandez Martinez (JHS)

Perseverance Scholarships:

  • Afeefa Asif (JHS)
  • Anna Comstock (LWHS)
  • Sydney Starnes (EHS)

At-Large Council Scholarships:

  • Samantha Chan (EHS — Running Start)
  • Cole McIntire (RHS)
  • Christine Vu (RHS)

Staff Scholarships:

  • Young Kim (Lake Washington High School)
  • Katie DiLorenzo (Einstein Elementary)

Congratulations to all of our 2024 award recipients!

Special thanks to our scholarship judges and our scholarship program committee members for their time and effort to ensure the continued success of our program. Please contact Council’s scholarship program chair, Brooke Gialopsos, at, with any questions.