Eastlake PTSA, You Rock!

You Rock!At our May 2023 membership meeting, Lake Washington PTSA Council awarded a You Rock! award to Eastlake High School PTSA.

During Earth Week, April 2023, Eastlake PTSA worked closely with the Student Environmental Club to host a clothing swap to provide a way for students to donate and acquire clothing in a way that was both free of cost and sustainable. Eastlake students and parents donated clothing, racks and hangers, and came together with teachers to bring this opportunity to the student community.

Congratulations, Eastlake PTSA! Learn more about our You Rock! awards.

Photographs of Eastlake High School's April 2023 Clothing Swap, conducted in partnership between the PTSA and the student environmental club. Smiling high school students stand behind a table of donated clothing.