April 2023 Membership Growth Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following local PTAs and PTSAs who have been recognized by Washington State PTA for membership growth this school year, as of April 30:

  • Bronze (at least 1 more than last year’s total membership): Clara Barton PTSA, Peter Kirk PTSA, Redmond Middle PTSA
  • Silver (at least 105% of last year’s total membership): Ella Baker PTSA, Rosa Parks PTSA, Evergreen Middle PTSA, Finn Hill Middle PTSA, Inglewood Middle PTSA
  • Gold (at least 110% of last year): AG Bell PTSA, McAuliffe PTSA
  • Platinum (at least 120% of last year): Dickinson PTSA, Einstein PTSA, Frost PTSA, Juanita Elementary PTA, Keller PTA, Lakeview PTSA, Muir PTSA, Rush PTA, Sandburg & DCS PTSA, Twain PTSA, Kamiakin Middle PTA, Redmond HS PTSA

Membership Growth Awards are calculated monthly by WSPTA, based on memberplanet records—no application needed. Local PTAs must be in good standing to be eligible for award recognition.