Reflections Entries Due to Council Nov. 16

National PTA Reflections 2022-2023 Call for Entries: Show Your Voice!We hope our local PTAs are actively wrapping up their Reflections program and getting ready to submit their advancing entries to LWPTSA Council.

Some reminders as this deadline approaches:

  • Please confirm with your president that your PTA is in good standing, according to WSPTA’s Standards of Affiliation, by Thursday, Nov. 10. Council is unable to accept entries from any PTAs who are not in good standing by this date.
  • Make sure you have registered to let National PTA know your PTA is participating in Reflections this year.
  • Plan ahead to allow time to submit all your advancing entries to Council no later than 10 pm, Wednesday, Nov. 16. Late entries will not be accepted.

Uploading Your PTA’s Advancing Entries to Council

Local PTA Reflections chairs and leaders: Please carefully read our turn-in instructions before submitting your entries to Council. Upload only your PTA’s advancing entries to the Council OneDrive linked in the instructions, using the unique Council identification numbers BEFORE 10 pm on November 16, 2022.