2022 Scholarships Awarded

Lake Washington PTSA Council is pleased to announce the recipients of our 2022 academic scholarships. With the support of our local PTAs, our annual scholarship auction, community partners such as the Lake Washington Education Association, and private donors, we are able to award two $500 staff scholarships and fifteen $1,250 student scholarships.

This year, an additional Perseverance Scholarship and an additional At-Large Scholarship are funded in honor of Gabriel Martin Morelli, a former LWSD teacher. We are thankful to his family for their generous support of our scholarship program.

We had a tremendous pool of very talented and accomplished applicants this year. LWPTSA Council is honored to be a small part of this milestone in the lives of these exceptional students and educators.

Staff Scholarship ($500)  

  • Jessica Soltani, Carl Sandburg Elementary 
  • Michelle Shaw, Juanita and Redmond Learning Communities 

Student Scholarships ($1,250)  

  • At Large:  
    • Jennifer Hu, Tesla STEM High School
    • Eli Main, Juanita High School
  • Turn Around:
    • Jessica Laing, Lake Washington High School  
  • Dr. L.E. Scarr/Vocational/2-Year:
    • Colten Hajicek, Redmond High School 
  • Lake Washington Education Association/Teeley:
    • Rose McGuigan, Eastlake High School 
  • Perseverance:  
    • Sydney Kraabel, Lake Washington High School
    • Elise Samas, Eastlake High School
  • Eastlake Learning Community Merit:
    • Bhavya Linga, Eastlake High School
    • Daphne Suen, Eastlake High School  
  • Juanita Learning Community Merit: 
    • Alana Loy, Cambridge Program, Juanita High School
    • Grace Wang, Juanita High School  
  • Lake Washington Learning Community Merit:   
    • Khanak Agrawal, Lake Washington High School
    • Briana Yeh, Lake Washington High School
  • Redmond Learning Community Merit:  
    • Conan Lu, Redmond High School
    • Nisha Shastry, Redmond High School


LWPTSA Council 2022 Scholarship Program Chair: Kristen Dorwin