You Rock: Ella Baker PTSA

Ella Baker PTSA was awarded LWPTSA Council’s You Rock! Award at the April 2021 membership meeting for their Partner School Program. The purpose of the program is to partner with another elementary school within the region to provide a financial grant to enrich, supplement and enhance education opportunities for all students in a school that has a greater need of resources due to lower income levels, a larger percentage of non-English speaking families and significant need for equity work and support.

The PTSA worked with the Principal and the LWSD Diversity & Equity Coordinator to choose a school that fit their guidelines. Once the school was chosen, they reached out to the school’s Family Engagement and Community Liaison, Counselor and PTSA to determine whether the school was interested in a partnership and how best to support the school, and a donation was made. In the coming years, Baker PTSA’s goal is to increase the school partner fund or increase what partnerships looks like (possibly volunteer manpower, sharing resources such as speakers, student/parent ed, DEI work, school events, etc.). Ella Baker PTSA would love to share their experience with other groups and see this grow district-wide.

To nominate a PTSA for a You Rock! Award contact Council Awards Chair Tanya Scharpenberg at