WSPTA Membership Awards 2021

Washington State PTA membership awards

To highlight the importance of membership, Washington State PTA recognizes local PTAs membership growth and other milestones. Learn more on the WA State PTA website.

Here are the recipient PTAs in our council at the time of the 2021 WSPTA Convention.

100% Staff Membership Award

The 100% Staff Membership Award is presented to local PTAs that enroll at least as many school staff members as there are full-time certificated employees at the school. This award recognizes the value of teachers and school staff as stakeholders advocating for all children through PTA. Two PTAs from our council earned this award.

  • Mark Twain PTSA 2.8.65
  • Peter Kirk PTSA 2.8.45

100% Membership Award

The 100% PTA Membership Award is presented to local PTAs that enroll at least as many members as there are fulltime enrolled students at the school associated with that PTA. This is the ultimate achievement in PTA membership and recognizes that every child in the school community has a paid PTA member to be their voice. PTAs must be in good standing and needed to submit a completed application form by March 15 to be eligible for this award. Only four PTAs earned this award this year, including one from our council!

  • Peter Kirk PTSA 2.8.45

Congratulations to all the PTAs who earned membership awards in our council and across the state!

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