Sustainability Tip: Reducing Plastic Waste is a Win-Win

Does hearing about plastic pollution make you feel too overwhelmed to take action? Are your kids having to educate YOU about the plastics crisis and what to do about it? This month we want to help your family take small steps to have a big collective impact on our planet by reducing plastic waste at home. Next month, we’ll look at what our PTAs can do to reduce their reliance on plastic!  

To get started:

  1. Sit down with your family and watch a brief video about the WHY. Is there really a crisis around plastic pollution? Here are a few great videos from The Story of Stuff:
  2. Think about your family’s habits and explore your trash and recycling bins. Based on what you see – plastic drink bottles, plastics bags for veggies and fruits, plastic zip bags, etc., make a list of ways your family could help to reduce its plastic waste.
  3. Now, pick just one thing from that list as a place to start your reduction efforts. Set yourself up for success by planning ahead. For example:
    • If you usually grab a plastic bottle of water on your way out the door (or keep it in your car), buy a reusable, non-plastic water bottle and refill it!
    • The next time you go to the grocery store, ditch the plastic produce bags.
    • Look for alternatives to plastic zip bags (like compostable sandwich baggies or durable containers).

We’re here to help! If you get stuck or need resources, please reach out to us by emailing

Sustainability Contest: Want to win an awesome stainless steel water bottle or a package of stainless steel straws? Email with a story of your experience (preferably written by your child) and a few photos of your journey toward plastic reduction. You’ll be entered into a drawing to win a Zero Waste Prize! Emails must be received by Sunday, January 31st at midnight to qualify. Four prizes are available.

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