Self-Care Series

self care

Lake Washington PTSA Council is launching a new self-care series for 2021. Come join us the third Friday of the month at 5PM for a one-hour segment on true and tried strategies for maintaining your equilibrium. All are welcome!

Here is the schedule of dates and topics:

  • January 22: The Power of the 22 Second Hug
  • February 19: Feed Your Soul (topic updated 2/3/2021)
  • March 19: Why the Great Outdoors is Our Happy Place
  • April 16: Gratitude as the Ultimate Mood Enhancer
  • May 21: Mindfulness and Meditation

Organized by the Lake Washington PTSA Council with support from the Lake Washington School District. For questions, contact Hae Sue Park and Irene Neumann, Parent Ed Chairs, at