WSPTA Membership Contests

Washington State PTA is hosting three membership contests this year. Your PTA can use entries into these contests as part of your membership goals. Think of the goals as guideposts to a successful PTA year.

Contest 1: All PTAs in good standing that have 25 members by October 31, 2020, will qualify for a prize! One winner will be drawn from each WSPTA Area. Of those winners, three will win a full upgrade on memberplanet for the 2020-2021 school year! The remaining two PTAs will win a custom PTA tablecloth.

Contest 2: Using the membership numbers for the January 5, 2021 billing, all PTAs that have earned a Bronze growth award and are in good standing will qualify to participate. One winner will be selected from each WSPTA Area. The winning PTAs will win a custom 6’x1.5’ vinyl community support banner of their choice. View on

Contest 3: Adding members to your PTA is fun! To help you celebrate, all PTAs in good standing that add seven members between March 1 and the April 5 billing report will qualify to win a prize. The prize for this contest will be a custom 18×12 event table sign.

None of these contests will require any special forms to fill out. Spending some time and energy on membership throughout the school year will help your PTA to qualify.

WSPTA’s Growth Awards, 100% Staff Membership, and 100% Membership Awards will continue this year as well. Growth Award winners will be announced in the first few days of each month, with a digital recognition kit. 100% Staff Membership and 100% Membership Award forms will need to be submitted by March 15, 2021. The updated forms are available on the Washington State PTA Website.