WSPTA 2020 Student Contests

Congratulations to all the students from LWPTSA Council who participated in WSPTA programs and competitions this year. Here are the winners from our council!

This statewide essay contest explores the important and varied influencers in the lives and education of children – from the children’s perspective. Every day children are exposed to a variety of people and each one has an opportunity to influence the path a child decides to take. Whether it is someone that sparks an interest in a new topic, helps them work through a problem, shapes the kind of person they want to become by modeling behavior, simply listens to them, or any number of other actions, this is the platform for students to share their appreciation. Congratulations to the following students from LWPTSA Council for their winning essays:

First-Second Grade Division:
Lakshana Anand
–1st Grade, Audubon PTSA 2.8.5
Essay Title: “Making me a better learner day by day”

Sixth-Eighth Grade Division:
Tiana Dumitrescu
–8th Grade, Inglewood MS PTSA 2.8.73
Essay Title: “My Coach. My Mentor. My Friend.”

Special Author Division:
Garvit Jain
–6th Grade, Inglewood MS PTSA 2.8.73
Essay Title: “My Family”

Washington State PTA offers three $3,000 scholarships and one $1,000 scholarship to graduating seniors from Washington state public high schools with an active PTA, who will be starting college (either two year or four-year) in the fall. The scholarship may be used to offset the cost of tuition, books, supplies, room and/or board. Congratulations to the following LWPTSA Council student:

$3,000 Scholarship:
Lakshmi Kameswari Lahari Nidadavolu, Tesla STEM High School

The WSPTA//Game Development Competition is a STEM-based program, introduced in 2016, to encourage and support student success. Students in grades 9-12 (or 7th and 8th grade students as part of a larger group of 9th graders or older) attending a school with a PTA in good standing may participate and share their knowledge of computer science based on an assigned theme. (See the FAQ for details on how 7th and 8th grade students may participate.) The purpose is to provide an opportunity for students, either individually or in teams of up to six members, to use their creative talents and express themselves by developing a computer game. Students’ submissions are judged in the following areas: game of the year, arts and animation, game design, programming (code), and audio design. The theme for the 2019-2020 competition was Animals. Following are the 2019-2020 winners from LWPTSA Council:

Individual Winner with Best Game
Gene Mary Cheruvathur
Title: Attack of the Globs
Tesla STEM High School PTA 2.8.105

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