Turn Your Membership Drive Up to 11

Turn Your Membership Up to 11

Now’s the time to get rolling. We’re all attending school from home and a PTA to facilitate connections between families and school can be helpful for all. Membership is an important part of your school having a louder voice. Speaking of louder, follow the steps below to turn your membership drive up to 11!

  1. Pick a theme
  2. Create your membership form as a pdf or printable image 
  3. Work with your office staff to determine the best way to receive mail, make sure the mailing address is on your form.
  4. Work with your website person to set up online membership purchases. Include a link to the printable form for people who don’t want to pay online.
  5. Ask your board members (or a test group) to purchase their memberships for the year to test the online purchase process
  6. Update your membership form for the year, with any edits or membership level changes, before you invite anyone to join.
  7. Email everyone who was a member of your PTA last year and invite them to join.
    1. Include link to first meeting
    2. Include goals for the year
    3. Include a thank you for your past support
    4. Include any promotion/contest
  8. Add your request to join & any contest everywhere (social media, signs at school, newsletters)
  9. Add members to memberplanet weekly (skip if joining happens in memberplanet)
  10. Send a personal thank you to everyone who joins also weekly
  11. Repeat steps 1-10 in November and February

Questions? Email membership@lwptsa.net.

Stay tuned for some online work / Q&A sessions. We’re planning on help sessions for people who sell memberships through memberplanet, through a different website, and for everyone to use the email and broadcast features of memberplanet (very helpful for meeting reminders).