Scholarship Auction Thanks

Scholarship Auction 2020

The LWPTSA Council Scholarship Auction Committee humbly thanks the hardworking and generous members of our local PTAs. With your help we raised over $9,000 with $8,500 proceeds going towards scholarships! You all did a fantastic job rising to the challenge of taking the auction online this year by coming up with creative auction experiences.

Thank You

Thank you also to the LWEA, LWSF and the central leadership team from the LWSD. Every year they contribute one or more auction items and continue a beautiful partnership focused on providing an excellent education to LWSD students. Quite simply, our auction donors make this auction possible. Thank you, also, to the people that participated in the auction and the lucky people who won the items; we hope you enjoy your purchase. It’s all for a great cause!

Thank you to all our generous donors and auction participants!

– LWPTSA Auction Committee (Melissa Stone, Diane Devlyne-Thompson, Stacy Hatch, Christine Bergstein, Steph St. Jean)