Legislative Assembly Member Survey

Legislative Assembly logo

New this year! WSPTA has created a survey to help PTAs gather member feedback for Legislative Assembly. PTAs are encouraged to share the survey with everyone in their community including non-members. Individuals may take the survey for each school with which they are associated. WSPTA will compile survey results and sent to PTA presidents on October 9 to share with Legislative Assembly delegates.

Legislative Assembly Dates and Details

Caucuses: September 29 – October 3
General Sessions: October 24 and 25

October 6: The deadline for submitting voting delegates is October 6. 

October 8: Registration is open until October 8. Registration fees are $25 per attendee with a reduced student fee of $10, which gives a student an all-access pass to classes, education sessions, and caucusing. 

Visit WSPTA’s legislative assembly web page to see the schedule of events and learn more about this year’s event.