Sustainable Gift-Giving Tips

LWPTSA’s Sustainability Committee has compiled tips to help avoid unnecessary waste and promote sustainability during the holiday season and throughout the year.

Sustainable Gifting Tips

Sustainable Gifting Tips

  • Buy Local – Support local businesses, avoid delivery costs and cut down on shipping.
  • Make a Gift – Homemade gifts are unique and appreciated (especially from kids) and usually don’t require excess shipping, packaging or wrapping. Search the internet, Pinterest or Youtube for “DIY gifts” or “homemade gift ideas.”
  • Don’t Wrap It – Give unwrapped gifts, wrap using reusable materials such as newspaper or re-purpose a paper bag to create artful masterpiece! Avoid plastic glitter or use biodegradable glitter if extra sparkle is needed.
  • Focus on Meaningful Gifts – Experiences make great gifts! Memories last longer than store-bought items and don’t contribute to the waste stream. Some ideas might be theater/movie tickets, family outings, scavenger hunts, vacations, or a coupon book filled with personalized IOUs. Or consider making a donation to a cause that is special to the recipient.
  • Choose Reusables/Recyclables – Consider gifts that can be reused, upcycled or recycled including wine bottles or books. Shop at local thrift, antique or consignment stores for finds that are gently used.
  • Choose Sustainable – Many companies are offering sustainable and ethically-made products. Ask your favorite retailers what they are doing to be more sustainable.


Many local charities in our area need support. Reach out to neighbors or community connections to find options or check out, and for charitable options proven to put your dollars to work effectively.

Additional Resources

For a list of sustainable retailers, products and more please contact Sustainability Chair Stephanie Lecovin at