Video: New and International Families Welcome Event

The New and International Families Welcome Event held in October by Lake Washington Council PTSA and Lake Washington School District (LWSD) showcased a video featuring international parents sharing their personal experiences and lessons, from school to culture and everything in between.

Please watch the video below to see experienced international families highlighting the challenges they faced when they moved here, how they got help and the ways that worked for them. Hear about their recommendations on ways to get involved in your students’ life. Listen to their thoughts about what the LWSD schools do well, how to get help and resources available.
We welcome you all to the LWSD community!

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Producer, Jon Knorr


Marta San Juan, Rose Hill Middle

Anahita Arya, Audubon Elementary

Danit Erlich, Samantha Smith Elementary

Varsha Bhat, Samantha Smith Elementary