Special Needs Group presents Building Self Regulation and Self-Efficacy in Youth with Disabilities

Join us for the LWPTSA Council SNG Monthly Meeting on Tuesday, March 20, at LWSD ResourceCenter (at Redmond Town Center). Meeting opens at 6:30pm with coffee, cookies and
networking – don’t miss this chance to meet and chat with Paul Vine, Director of Special Services,
and his Associate Directors – and continues at 7pm with a presentation from Sara Gardner from
Bellevue College, a behavior specialist and a certified Collaborative Problem Solving trainer.
Complimentary student care is available for meeting attendees. If you would like to sign up for
this service, please email smcenroe@lwsd.org. Include your child’s name(s) and age(s) at least
three days prior to meeting date. Please use the email subject line: Childcare at PTSA meeting.
Is living a self-sufficient, fulfilling life simply a matter of learning activities of daily living and soft
skills? Research suggests otherwise! How do we instill the bedrock of success in our children –
ensuring that they have the motional fortitude to face the problems that come their way? In this
workshop, we’ll take a look at the research behind motivation, learn how to effectively teach children to think for themselves, solve problems across settings, and build frustration tolerance, cognitive flexibility, and self-efficacy. If you want more for your child, you’ll want to join us!

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