Scholarship Basket Auction

The Lake Washington PTSA Council began its scholarship program over 35 years ago to assist graduating seniors with their college education. In 1990, scholarships were added for district staff to help defray the costs of continuing education.

Funding for these scholarships is primarily provided by the PTAs in the Lake Washington School District. Each PTA makes an annual donation to the scholarship fund and contributes a themed basket to be auctioned off at the Lake Washington Resource Center. The generosity of community partners such as the LWSD Central Leadership team, Lake Washington Schools Foundation, Lake Washington Education Association and individual donors, help make this event a successful tradition for the LWPTSA Council.

The auction is held annually in late November-early December. The auction closes at a reception that is open to the public typically following the Council’s December Member Meeting . Everyone is welcome to attend. There will be many opportunities for supporting the LWSD seniors and staff. In addition to the auction, there will be a raffle, bring-a-buddy door prize, gift card wall and donation opportunities.

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