PT Avenue Resources

PT Avenue is the official membership software provider for the Washington State PTA. PT Avenue provides intuitive, easy to use tools to manage your volunteer database, and to make the most of the information it contains for the benefit of your organization.

The basic PT Avenue membership tool is free to your local PTA, one of the many perks of being part of Washington State PTA! If your local PTA would like to explore the additional features available in PT Avenue, you can find the pricing here.

In September, Presidents received their local PTA’s admin username and password.  After a simple setup process, your local PTA can easily transfer the admin responsibilities to the next officer, as part of PT Avenue’s End-Of-Year membership process.

Below please find some links to a variety of resources to make the most out of this powerful tool.

Instructions for Entering New Officers into PT Avenue *NEW*
Whitelisting your WSPTA and PT Avenue Emails
Setup Guide
Member Enrollment and Management Guide
Preparation Checklist for PT Avenue Launch
PT Avenue Guide – Updated September 2015
PT Avenue FAQ
Import Process (
Excel template; video)