Membership Themes and Ideas

A Month-by-Month Guide to Managing Membership

Membership is the responsibility of the whole PTA board. Start your membership strategy discussions at your spring or summer retreat and create a membership plan that continues year-round.

Lake Washington PTSA Council has created a month-by-month membership checklist to use for planning and implementing your campaigns.

Success Story: Smith Elementary PTSA

Samantha Smith PTSA has reached a stunning 108% membership this year – learn more about how they’ve done it!

“At Samantha Smith Elementary we are fortunate and grateful to have a community that is engaged and invested in the PTSA. We took full advantage of this fact and made it as easy as possible to sign up online. Our initial membership drive began at the end of the summer, via e blast, before Back to Business Night (B2B). The incentive to sign up prior to B2B was the “Fast Pass”. The “Fast Pass” allowed members to jump the line for registration packets and get through the process much quicker. This was a huge success and meant we reached 73% membership even prior to B2B. Then at B2B we had several netbooks set up and support personnel on hand to facilitate further online sign ups on the spot. These members had their names put in a prize draw, which was their incentive to join then and there. This allowed us to add further to our membership that night. We started the school year with an outstanding 90% membership and the remainder was achieved during the first month of school. Our second drive was done in January / February and was posted on our Facebook page, put in our newsletter and published on our PTSA website, to date we are at a total of 108% membership. Thank you to all who worked to achieve this goal and, as always, to our fantastic members.” – Jennifer Jaddi, Samantha Smith PTSA

Success Story: Tesla STEM PTSA

“My campaign slogan for this year was ‘Tesla scholars deserve our 100%.’ We had a clear goal and made sure everyone knew what it was. We wanted one adult and one student from each household to join PTA. Of course, tons of people did two adults and one student.  We know our audience.  I showed them where and how the money was spent and I delivered the message in terms that appealed to them and gave them goals they could relate to.  I periodically thanked our members, building momentum by always mentioning in passing that we are one of only two or three 100% membership PTAs in the district and one of less than a dozen in the entire state of WA and it was up to us to keep it that way.  Then I sent thank you letters for tax purposes and posted a note in the newsletter, asking to contact membership if they did not get theirs (hint hint) I give my families the awesome chance to be an active part of something great and give them a chance to be winners.  That’s what the families in our community want.” – Janitzia Pizarro, Tesla STEM PTSA

Success Story: Eastlake High School

“I think the most helpful thing for our membership numbers this year is visibility.  President Julie Olson made this her priority last year and has continued to push it this year with the help of her Co-President Julie Carper.  She always has a camera in her hand or a way to document what is happening.

PHOTO Campaign

  • Taking photos at every event and adding them to our communications so people can visually see what PTSA actually does
  • Have photos of all of our board members posted at the school on the lobby area as well as the office so our leadership will be recognizable and approachable
  • Last year we created a video slideshow with photo highlights from the year of how PTSA funds and time was used to benefit the school and community.  It was sent to parent and teachers as a thank you at the end of the year, as well as a welcome from PTSA in the Fall.
  • Photos were used with our PTSA logo to create permanent mini posters around the school showing all of the locations in the school where the hand of PTSA has been to make the school better (furniture in the library, surfaces in the counseling office, drum harnesses in the band room, etc…)


  • PTSA board and chairs have t-shirts and lanyards that we wear to all PTSA events letting people know that the event was brought to them by the PTSA without having to say it.
  • Posters are displayed in front of classrooms or areas where PTSA has granted equipment, books, furniture, etc. during parent curriculum night.  Parents can see how much the PTSA has benefited their students as they walk to each classroom.  For example, a poster with new furniture and books is placed in front of the library.  PTSA board members are also in the front entry passing out information about programs and MEMBERSHIP FORMS (wearing our t-shirts).
  • Photos of PTSA events are often placed in our newsletter so parents can see not just hear about what went on.
  • Membership forms are available at almost every PTSA or school event.
  • Membership news articles are included throughout the year in our newsletter, not just the beginning of the year or during the winter drive, so families don’t forget they can join the PTSA anytime.  For example, during the Seahawks’ run for the Superbowl we asked parents to be 12s for their own kids by joining the PTSA.” – Valerie Westmoreland, Eastlake High School PTSA