Founders’ Day Luncheon

Each February, the Lake Washington PTSA Council members gather to celebrate the anniversary of the National Congress of Parents and Teachers. Local unit officers along with administrators, school principals, secretaries, honored volunteers, community members, and Washington State PTA leaders are invited to share this special time with us. We will recognize the achievements of PTSA and our community, feature performances by Council Reflections winners, present Council awards, and enjoy a Keynote Speaker. There is also plenty of time to relax, eat, and chat!

PTA Founders’ Day: A Proud Past – A Bright Future

In 1897, Alice McLellan Birney and Phoebe Apperson Hearst founded the National Congress of Mothers – a nationwide movement – in a time when social activism was scorned and women did not have the vote. They called for action and more than 2,000 people responded; many were mothers, but fathers, teachers, laborers, and legislators also responded. Support grew from that first meeting in Washington DC. Some of the programs and legislation that the PTA has helped create throughout the years include:

  • kindergarten classes
  • child labor laws
  • public health service
  • hot lunch programs
  • juvenile justice system
  • mandatory immunization

The PTA was founded to improve children’s lives and learning by involving parents in their children’s education and addressing social problems affecting families, such as child labor, rampant childhood disease, high infant mortality, delinquency, and a criminal justice system that was cruel to youth. From the beginning, PTA has advocated for a strong public school system, with initiatives aimed at securing adequate funding, improved teacher training, and equal educational opportunities for all children. We now have 55 Congresses (organizations formed at the state and territory level). Washington State PTA has 900 local PTA and PTSA organizations with over 150,000 members. Every member matters. To know more about PTA History, click here