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Scholarship Basket Auction

Lake Washington Council PTSA Scholarship Basket Auction

Each year Lake Washington Council local PTAs are asked to donate a basket to the Council’s annual basket auction held in December.  Proceeds from this auction go to the Council’s scholarship fund to provide scholarships to graduating seniors and staff in our district.

Here is how your PTA can participate.

September:  Select a theme for your unit’s basket(s).  See the back of this flyer for suggestions, check out the LWPTSA Council Pinterest Page (www.pinterest.com/lwptsa/) or come up with a creative one of your own.

October:  Submit your theme by the October membership meeting (first Thursday of the month) and send it to the auction committee: auction@lwptsa.net and then assemble items for your basket(s).  Some PTAs receive donations from their PTSA members while others have a line item in their budgets to cover the cost of the basket items.

November:  Wrapped baskets are due at the November Council membership meeting.  Please include the following information with your basket(s):  the name of your PTA, the estimated value of the basket and a list of the basket contents. Please leave out alcohol and gift cards from the basket, but do list them and bring them with you to the meeting. We will store gift cards and alcohol separately.

Baskets will be placed in the lobby area of the LWSD Resource Center.  Silent auction bidding will run from the first Thursday in November to auction day which is the morning of the December meeting and it is open to all. We encourage all PTAs to bring officers and friends to this fun event.

December:  Final bidding and raffle drawing will take place after our brief December Council meeting at the Resource Center.  This will be the time to make your final auction bids and purchase raffle tickets for some great prizes.

Spread the word! Encourage your board, parents, and staff at your school to check out the baskets and place a bid.  Baskets will be available for viewing on the LWPTSA website. Baskets are available for purchase at a “buy it now” price prior to the close of the auction.

Thank you for your participation!

Please email your theme preference and any questions to: Judy East and Julie Haase, Auction Committee Co-Chairs: auction@lwptsa.net

Basket Ideas

A variety of sizes and value for the baskets make the bidding more affordable and more interesting.  Most baskets sell best in the $50 – $200 range.  Rarely do baskets go for more than $300.  You are welcome to break up bigger valued baskets into multiple smaller baskets. We are always looking for great raffle items, so if your PTA has extra items or multiple auction baskets please consider donating toward are raffle as well. Also, we will be presenting a “Gift Card Wall” so if your PTA has extra gift cards that didn’t make it into the basket, we would love to add them to the “Wall” to raise even more money for our senior and staff scholarships.

Your container does not need to be a basket!

Network early with the families in your local PTAs to collect items than can enhance the marketability of your basket.

Possible Themes:

Girls’ Night Out
Birthday Party
Art Supplies
Shopping (Gift Cards)
Kitchen gadgets
Emergency Prep
Family Night
Off to College
Board Games
Book Club
Gift Wrap
TV/Movie Character

(or check out our Basket Auction page on our LWPTSA Council pinterest site www.pinterest.com/LWPTSA/)

Basket Wrapping Instructions

You’re ready to wrap your basket, but there are a few important details to take care of first:

  1. Make a list of everything that is in your basket, and note the approximate retail value of the basket and the name of your PTSA. Your list will be displayed with your basket, so attractive is good! It can be hard to see everything that’s in the baskets, and some items cannot be displayed.
  2. Do not include lottery tickets in your basket.  (Illegal).
  3. Remove all alcohol from your basket.  It’s a great addition to a basket, but we are not allowed to display it.  Alcohol is kept separate for pick up the day of the auction.
  4. Photos can be a nice addition if you have many items that can’t be displayed.
  5. Remove gift cards and package in a separate, labelled envelope.  To prevent theft, these are available for pick up the day of the auction.
  6. Display your items attractively, so that bidders can see what is in the basket or alternate container.
  7. Wrap it up and attach the tag!