Why Apply for Awards?

Why take time and energy to apply for PTA Awards?

  1. Build pride and participation in PTA programs:  Parents, teachers, and PTA members are proud to be a part of a high-quality organization that can demonstrate its adherence to guidelines, best practices, and which demonstrates innovation, creativity and focus.
  2. Build awareness of PTA programs:  Receiving public recognition of your PTA’s efforts will get the attention of parents and teachers who may not have been aware of all PTA does in their community.
  3. Give recognition for outstanding volunteer efforts:  Taking time to nominate outstanding volunteers and programs is a great way to thank volunteers who put in many hours of hard work!
  4. Provide motivation to follow best practices:  Award applications can guide your PTA toward a higher quality of service by aligning your PTA practices, policies and goals with Washington State PTA best practices.
  5. Increase membership’s trust and volunteers:  An organization which has been recognized as providing the highest quality service to its community will attract more members and volunteers.
What Awards Are Available?

Local Awards:

Many local PTAs create and sponsor their own volunteer recognition and awards in addition to taking advantage of individual awards available through Washington State PTA. Individual WSPTA Awards which can be given by PTAs at the local PTA level include:

  • Golden Acorn
  • Honorary Life Membership
  • Outstanding Advocate
  • Outstanding Student Advocate
  • Outstanding Educator

When awarding the WSPTA awards, a donation of $48 (out of the $50 cost of the following awards) goes directly toward the WSPTA Scholarship Program. Awards can be ordered through the WSPTA Store.

Examples of local LWPTSA nominating forms can now be found on our website:

Horace Mann Elementary PTSA   Inglewood Middle School PTSA

Kamiakin Middle School PTSA    Redmond High School PTSA

Lake Washington PTSA Council Awards:

Each February, Lake Washington PTSA Council presents awards to outstanding volunteers, advocates, and organizations from across the Lake Washington School District.  All PTAs are invited to submit award nominations for presentation at the annual Founders’ Day Luncheon.  LWPTSA Council awards include:

  • Golden Acorn
  • Community Outreach Award
  • Outstanding Service Award
  • Community Service Award
  • Certificate of Special Recognition
  • Certificate of Special Service
  • Outstanding Educator

Click here for award descriptions and the 2017 nominating form

Washington State PTA Local PTA Awards of Excellence:

Washington State PTA offers awards that recognize the fantastic work PTAs do to support their communities through family and community engagement, advocacy, policy, processes and growth while following best practices. These award applications are due March 1st and are presented at the WSPTA Convention each May and include:

  • Local PTA Standards of Excellence
  • Outstanding Communication Strategy
  • Outstanding PTA of the Year
  • Mentor-A-PTA Award
  • Outstanding Website
  • Outstanding Newsletter & E-blast Award
  • PTAs Taking Significant Action

Visit the WSPTA Website for award descriptions and application forms:

WA State PTA Membership Awards

Membership Awards information can be found on the membership page of our website and on the WSPTA website

National PTA Award

The PTA Life Achievement Award is the highest honor from the nation’s largest child advocacy organization—to the person who daily lives out his or her commitment to children. For more information about the award and application process visit the National PTA website


2017 LWPTSA Council Awards

Each year, the Lake Washington PTSA Council takes time to celebrate and recognize those individuals within our Council and community who go above and beyond supporting and advocating for our students. Please consider nominating an individual, an organization or even a business for one of our eight awards.

Please nominate someone TODAY.  Nominations for our 2017 Council Awards close on December 12, 2017.

Nominating Form and Award Information Here

Please email with questions or to submit a nomination form via email. Forms can also be submitted to the LWPTSA Council office in the LWRC by delivering in person or mailing to:
PO Box 97039, Redmond, WA 98073.

Award winners are recognized at our annual Founders Day Luncheon.