Mission and Goals

Lake Washington PTSA Council Mission & Goals

Mission:  To serve as a relevant resource to the local PTAs, families and community members within the Lake Washington School District through training, support, and guidance, and to advocate for the health, well-being, and education of every child.

Goals & Objectives:

1)      Communicate with local PTAs, Washington State PTA, and National PTA.

  1. Update website within 3 days of requests.
  2. Create and maintain position-specific mailing lists in Constant Contact.
  3. Send out position-specific announcements (such as membership, reflections, E-prep chairs), as appropriate.
  4. Publish monthly newsletter (“CURRENTS”) during the months of September-June.
  5. Publish weekly eblast (“Weekly Waves”) each Monday morning.
  6. Maintain an active Facebook page with four or more posts per week.
  7. Conduct efficient, meaningful, and informative membership meetings, including relevant best practice information at every meeting; limit total meeting time to 1.5 hours for eight or more meetings per year.
  8. Provide scheduled time at membership meetings to share information from the Lake Washington School District and from our partners and other community nonprofit organizations whose aim and mission tie in directly with Council’s, as agreed to by our board.
  9. Send out meeting reminders, announcements and documents in Weekly Waves. Meeting information will be prominently displayed in Weekly Waves for accessibility.
  10. Provide structured networking time at 3 or more membership meetings and unstructured networking time before and after all of our membership meetings.
  11. Provide a social network platform for our PTAs to communicate with each other by December 2016.

2)      Grow leaders 

  1. Disseminate information about and registration materials for state regional training opportunities by posting to the website and sending information directly to local PTAs via email, membership meetings, monthly CURRENTS newsletter, and weekly eblast.
  2. Offer at least 10 additional workshops, roundtables, or training opportunities to local PTA leaders.
  3. Contact local PTA leaders who have not had representation at Council meetings for 2 months in a row.
  4. Offer at least one networking opportunity outside Council meetings for each group of local PTA leaders under each of the Area Vice-Presidents.
  5. Provide resources on the website, such as sample Committee Plan of Action forms, Conflict of Interest forms, etc.
  6. Create a handbook that will provide guidance and examples to local PTA leaders on best practices for granting money to schools.
  7. Ensure that all Lake Washington PTSA Council board members are in compliance with the Washington State PTA training requirement.
  8. Have all Lake Washington Council officers trained by January 1.
  9. Ensure that at least 2 Lake Washington Council officers have attended PTA and the Law by January 1.
  10. Include funding (budget line items) for training, Legislative Assembly, Focus Day, WA State PTA convention, and Leadership Conference in the budget.
  11. Have 70% of Lake Washington Council Board present at each membership meeting.

3)      Engage Family and Community  

  1. Engage with local PTAs to share ideas and best practices on how to develop and strengthen community outreach through informal dialogue, twice-monthly emails and 2-4 times/month postings on website and social media.
  2. Council board members and committee members will engage with relevant district personnel through email, phone calls and informal meet-ups once per month to share ideas about how council and district can strengthen family engagement.
  3. Collaborate with district-identified school administrators, teachers, and local PTA leaders to help increase parent and family engagement within their learning communities – through parent education and other events (4-6 times/year).
  4. Provide updates on events, speakers, and issues through website, social media and emails. Once per week.
  5. Ensure at least 1 Council board member is present at all school board meetings.
  6. Conduct small group outreach to local PTA members and leaders across the district to help better inform direction of Council family engagement and parent education efforts: 2 to 3 coffees or similar casual meet ups per school year.

4)      Advocate for the whole child across our communities by providing opportunities for and education around advocacy at all levels of administration and government. Facilitate active participation in the legislative process.

  1. Encourage attendance at Legislative Assembly and Focus Day.
  2. Educate members about the advocacy process, issues relevant to children, and advocacy opportunities. This can be achieved through Membership Meeting advocacy reports (7+); other in-person advocacy opportunities (e.g. Brown Bag lunches, Advocacy Coffee Chats), and ad hoc committees (3+); and other Council communications (e.g. e-blasts, emails, Facebook).
  3. Work with local PTAs to help them strengthen advocacy within their local community by helping them better understand advocacy and advocacy opportunities at all levels (school board, city Council, state legislation). Visit/present at local PTA meetings and support local PTA advocacy events and efforts as needed.
  4. Encourage and facilitate members to submit issues and/or resolutions for WSPTA legislative platform as interest allows.
  5. Facilitate relationship development with state legislators, school board members, and other community leaders involved in education policy by providing community forums, coffees, town halls, or other networking and communication (e.g. postcard campaign) opportunities. 2+ per year.

5)      Support children and PTAs through Programs and Resources 

  1. Reflections:  Train and coach local Reflections chairs to run a local Reflections program so that they have quality entries to feed into the Council round of competition.
  2. Reflections: Offer ongoing support to the local reflections chairs by setting up an online group and group email to allow sharing documents and information, and give chairs a forum to ask questions of the Council committee and of other chairs.
  3. Reflections: generate interest and excitement about the program with monthly articles for Currents (Sept-February, June), and LWPTSA Council Facebook posts 2+ per month
  4. Scholarships: Encourage more student applications by increasing marketing to high school PTAs, and taking advantage of Peachjar.
  5. Scholarships: Develop a policy and procedure document to define our scholarship program and develop a rubric that attempts to diversify the type of students that receive the scholarships.
  6. Awards: Increase number of state and Council award nominations by increasing marketing of process to include weekly newsletter/eblast, membership meeting, Currents, and Facebook.
  7. Standards of Excellence Award: Apply for Standards of Excellence award for our council, and encourage and support our PTAs in their efforts to apply.
  8. Survey our membership after major events and at the end of the year and incorporate feedback from our members to inform our decisions and direction on programs.
  9. Develop a policy document containing all updated LWPTSA Council Policy by end of February.
  10. Update job descriptions for every elected position and standing chair for LWPTSA Council by end 2016.

6)      Retain, promote and increase membership 

  1. Increase number of district members to 16,000.
  2. Provide ongoing membership tips, ideas and solutions through position specific Constant Contact messages (6+), membership meetings (7+), Currents newsletters (8+), Facebook posts (2+/month), Weekly Waves (weekly).
  3. Create at least one networking opportunity per year.
  4. Make available software training as needed.
  5. Acknowledge and applaud success of schools that reach their membership goals through membership meeting reports, Weekly Waves, Currents, Facebook posts and the LWPTSA Council website.

Mission and Goals – Approved by Membership 10/6/16

LWPTSA Council Standing Rules

Gavel Med

Approved September 8, 2016

Lake Washington PTSA Council shall adopt standing rules to govern our organization in conformity with the Washington State PTA (WSPTA) Bylaws, and such standing rules shall not be in conflict with WSPTA Uniform Bylaws. LWPTSA Council shall be governed by all WSPTA Uniform Bylaws not specifically addressed in these standing rules.


  1. The name of this council shall be Lake Washington PTSA Council 2.8 (LWPTSA Council). This council was chartered by the Washington State PTA (WSPTA) on October 30, 1980. The National PTA number is 052585.


  1. In accordance with WSPTA Uniform Bylaws, Article 3, Section 1, the purposes of the Lake Washington PTSA Council are:
  2. To promote the functions of WSPTA.
  3. To provide services, information, support, and leadership training for local PTAs in the council service area.
  4. To promote cooperation among local PTAs in the council service area.
  5. To encourage projects promoting children’s health, safety, welfare, and/or education in local PTAs and the community.

Membership, Voting, and Service Fees

  1. This council serves local PTAs in the Lake Washington School District.
  2. The voting body of the LWPTSA Council shall consist of the council board of directors, and up to four delegates per local PTA. Delegates must be voting members of their local PTA board of directors.
  3. The service fee collected by this council shall be $1.00 per member for all members of the local PTAs within the council area. This fee shall be approved yearly as part of the council standing rules.
  4. The four voting delegates to the WSPTA Convention shall be the council president(s) and/or delegates appointed by the president(s) with the approval of the executive committee.
  5. The four voting delegates to the Legislative Assembly shall be the Vice-President Advocacy and/or delegates appointed by the president(s) with the approval of the executive committee.


Legal Status

  1. LWPTSA Council is a non-profit corporation with tax-exempt status, Section 501 (c)(3), granted September 14, 2001. A copy of the determination letter is available from the treasurer. The Employer Identification Number (EIN) is listed in the legal document notebooks.
  2. LWPTSA Council was incorporated as a non-profit corporation by the State of Washington on January 10, 1977, and assigned UBI number 601 618 388. The incorporation number is 2-263400-0.
  3. LWPTSA Council was registered as a charitable organization on November 12, 1988. This registration number is 2604.
  4. This council shall keep at least two copies of its legal documents notebook in two separate locations.
  5. WSPTA shall be the registered agent for this council.
  6. LWPTSA Council’s fiscal year is July 1 through June 30. This council shall conduct a semi-annual financial review of its books and records.
  7. LWPTSA Council Standing Rules shall be reviewed each year and adopted at the first membership meeting in the fall by a majority vote. The standing rules may be amended at any scheduled membership meeting. By parliamentary authority per WSPTA Uniform Bylaws Article 13, if notice is given in advance of a proposed amendment then the standing rules may be amended by a majority vote, or if no notice is given of a proposed amendment, then the standing rules may be amended by a two-thirds vote.


Officers and their Election

  1. The officers of the LWPTSA Council shall be:
  2. President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Executive Vice-President
  6. Vice-President Programs
  7. Vice-President Advocacy
  8. Vice-President Family and Community Engagement
  9. Area Vice Presidents: Evergreen, Finn Hill, Inglewood, Kamiakin, Kirkland, Redmond, and Rose Hill.
  10. Officers shall be elected in accordance with the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws for a term of one year. They shall assume office on July 1. All executive committee positions with the exception of treasurer may be held concurrently by more than one individual, with each individual entitled to voice and vote.
  11. An office shall be declared vacant if an officeholder misses three consecutive meetings unless previously excused by the president(s).
  12. If a vacancy occurs in a council office, the executive committee may appoint a member to fill the vacancy until the next membership meeting, as specified in WSPTA Uniform Bylaws Article 5, Section 6.
  13. The executive committee may remove from office any member of the board of directors by a three-fourths vote of the executive committee, in accordance with the LWPTSA Council Board Commitment Form.

Duties of Officers

  1. LWPTSA Council shall comply with all duties outlined in the WSPTA Standards of Affiliation Agreement in order to remain a PTA in good standing. The president(s) is responsible for filing this form yearly, no later than October 31.
  2. All council officers shall execute the duties of their offices as described in the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws, Section 7, and shall perform additional duties as listed in these standing rules, the LWPTSA Council Board Commitment Form, job descriptions, and as requested by the president(s).
  3. In the event that the president(s) is unable to serve, the Executive Vice-President(s) and Vice-President(s) Programs shall serve in their place.
  4. Area Vice-President(s) shall serve as liaisons between the board of directors and local PTA leaders.
  5. Duties of the treasurer:
    1. Present a written financial statement each month and as required by the president(s).
    2. Receive, issue receipts for, and deposit all funds promptly in an authorized account.
    3. Disburse all funds according to the approved yearly budget.
    4. File the appropriate federal tax return Form 990 in a timely manner.
    5. File the annual corporation report.
    6. File the annual charitable solicitations registration by May 31.
    7. Submit all financial records to the financial review committee as requested for the mid-year review.
    8. Close the books at the end of the fiscal year, and submit all financial records to the financial review committee no later than thirty days thereafter.
  6. Duties of the secretary:
    1. Keep accurate minutes of all meetings.
    2. Notify the president(s) of any unfinished business.
    3. Participate in the agenda planning process as directed by the president(s).
    4. Be responsible for correspondence as designated by the president(s).
    5. Keep a complete roster of membership, and of all standing and special committees.
  7. Vice-President Advocacy
    1. Inform LWPTSA Council and local PTAs of advocacy and legislative issues, and of concerns relating to the needs and status of children.
    2. Represent this council at the WSPTA Legislative Assembly.

Executive Committee and Board of Directors

  1. The executive committee shall consist of the elected officers.
  2. The board of directors shall be composed of the executive committee, the communications chair, and the membership chair. The board may also include up to two members-at-large, as appointed by the president(s) and approved by the executive committee.
  3. The president(s), with the approval of the executive committee, may appoint other resource representatives as non-voting members to the board of directors. These representatives may include principals, past council presidents, an administrative representative, a Lake Washington Education Association representative, or a Lake Washington Schools Foundation representative.


  1. LWPTSA Council standing committees shall consist of: Awards, Scholarship Fundraising, Communications, Hospitality, Emergency Preparedness, Founders Day, Membership, Parent Education, Reflections, Scholarships, Special Needs, and other committees as determined by the council board of directors.
  2. Committee chairs are appointed by the president(s) with the approval of the council board of directors.
  3. All officers and committee chairs shall be current members of a PTA within this council.
  4. Special committees shall be appointed by the president(s) as needed with the approval of the council board of directors.
  5. The nominating committee shall be elected according to the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws by the December membership meeting. It shall comply with all duties of a nominating committee as stated in the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws. The nominating committee shall provide a report to the membership at least 15 days prior to the membership meeting at which the election is held.
  6. Officers and chairs shall submit all files and records for transition to either the president(s) or the incoming officers and chairs by a date set by the board of directors.


  1. Council membership meetings shall be held the first Thursday of the month unless otherwise announced. The board of directors shall determine the meeting times. Membership meetings are open to all interested PTA members, but making motions, debating, and voting are limited to the voting body of council as defined in the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws, and further by line 4 of these standing rules.
  2. Special membership meetings may be called with at least 5 days’ notice. Local PTA officers will be sent notice via email to the address on file with the secretary.
  3. There shall be at least 9 membership meetings between September and June.
  4. A quorum for a membership meeting shall be 10 percent of the recorded voting delegates.
  5. Executive committee and/or board of directors meetings shall be held on the third Thursday of the month unless otherwise announced. Any board member may bring business before the board of directors with prior notification to the president(s). Each member of the board of directors will have one vote, and a majority of those on the board of directors shall constitute a quorum.
  6. Special board meetings may be called with at least 5 days’ notice. Members of the board of directors will be notified via email to the address on file with the secretary.

Financial Policies

  1. The council budget shall be adopted each year at a regularly scheduled membership meeting in the spring by a majority vote. Reallocations within the budget in amounts up to $1000 may be approved by a majority vote of the board of directors. Reallocations exceeding $1,000 must be approved by a majority vote of the membership.
  2. The council will maintain a year-end cash balance of unallocated reserves of ½ of the administrative expense plus ½ of the mission critical expense as defined by the board of directors.