2020 LWPTSA Scholarship Recipients

Lake Washington PTSA Council is pleased to announce the recipients of our 2020 Academic Scholarships. With the support of our local PTSA’s, our annual basket auction, and partners like the Lake Washington Education Association, we are able to award two $500 staff scholarships and thirteen $1250 student scholarships.

We had a tremendous pool of very talented and accomplished applicants this year and are honored to be a small part of this tremendous milestone in the lives of these exceptional students and educators.

2020 Scholarship Winner Presentation – watch a virtual celebration from home.

Staff Scholarships ($500) 

  • Crystal Visperas, Eastlake High School
  • Victoria Vacknitz, Benjamin Rush Elementary

Student Scholarships ($1250) 

  • At Large: Grace Zackula, Juanita High School
  • Perseverance: Thomas Sefair-Lopez, Eastlake High School
  • Turn Around: Santiago Quiroga Medina, Redmond High School
  • Lake Washington Education Association/Teeley: Julia Raffel, Eastlake High School
  • Dr. L.E. Scarr/Vocational/2-Year:  Eric Michael McNeill Hiller, Emerson High School
  • Eastlake Learning Community Merit:
    Kaley Birchfield, Eastlake High School
    Daniel Gaughran, Eastlake High School
  • Juanita Learning Community Merit:
    Allison Lofquist, Juanita High School
    Annalisa Mueller-Eberstein, International Community School
  • Lake Washington HS Learning Community Merit:
    Jennifer Estes, Lake Washington High School
    Megan Wong, Cambridge Program
  • Redmond Learning Community Merit:
    Arpit Ranasaria, Redmond High School
    Tina Tianyi Wen, Tesla STEM High School


LWPTSA Council 2020 Scholarship Program Chairs: Andrea Stoppani and Reva Ramachandran