Special Education Group News

LWPTSA Council’s Special Education Group (formerly Special Needs Group) will kick off their 2019-2020 meetings on September 17, 2019. Featured speakers include: Dr. Jane Stavem, LWSD Superintendent, and Dr. Shannon Hitch, LWSD Director of Special Services. Download a September 2019 meeting flyer to share.

Special Education Group Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of the month during the school year at the LWSD Resource Center in Redmond. Networking starts at 6:30PM followed by the meeting at 7PM.

Please direct any questions to LWPTSA’s Special Education Group at specialeducation@lwptsa.net

Special Education Chair Training

Special Education Chair training will be held September 30, 2019 from 10AM to 12PM at the LWSD Resource Center.

All special needs liaisons, special education chairs or anyone working to serve and include students receiving special services are invited to attend this training. Please RSVP to specialeducation@lwptsa.net by September 27, 2019. Download a Special Education Chair training flyer for details or to share.