Membership Matters: Tips

November arrives this week. To help you get ready for the next round of membership award eligibility here are the top three tips for this week.

  1. When you add members to member levels in memberplanet they officially “count.”
  2. To have people receive their membership card semi-automatically click the box to send their card at the same time you add them to a level.
  3. All memberships should be recorded as paid through 7/1/2020 so that they will be able to renew in the fall.

Wondering how to find out the number of members you have? This number shows up on the right side of your membership dashboard, it’s the last one listed.

screenshot of memberplanet's membership dashboard

Invoice questions should be sent to Have a question but not sure quite who to ask? Ask me first, I might use your question as an upcoming tip to help the other schools in our council. I will definitely direct you to the person who can answer your question if I cannot.

– Felice Nightengale, LWPTSA Council Membership Chair