Membership Matters: Invoices

Presidents & Treasurers received their council fees invoice last week. The members on the council invoice should be the same as the members on the state invoice the prior week. If they were not, or for any other invoice questions, please contact

Starting in November, both the invoice for state and national dues and the invoice for council fees will be emailed to presidents & treasurers on the 10th of each month. These invoices – state/national and council – will be sent approximately one to two hours apart in order to help differentiate them from each other. The subject and contents of the emails will also differentiate between the WSPTA invoice for state/national dues and the council invoice for council fees.)

Didn’t make it to one of the membership work sessions and still need help? Check out the support portal at Want another work session? Let Council’s Membership Chair Felice Nightengale know at