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Save The Date!

The Region 2 Back To School Conference is scheduled for Tuesday, August 23, 5:30-9:00 pm, Redmond High School. This is the perfect opportunity to fulfill your officer training requirement. Start your year with a few more tricks in your PTA hat! We suggest that you invite all your Board to attend this free training opportunity,

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CURRENTS June 2016

CURRENTS Monthly Newsletter June 2016 –

Superintendent’s Message

By Dr. Traci Pierce, LWSD Superintendent It’s hard to believe that another year is already coming to a close! High School graduation ceremonies begin this week, and it is a great time to reflect on all of the accomplishments of the year and look ahead to next year. As we prepare to graduate the Class

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Year End PTA Board Transition

The PTA year ends on June 30th and the new one begins on July 1st! One of the most stressful and difficult times of the year can occur during the transition of one PTA board to another as they change leadership. The sharing of leadership information should begin as soon as the new officers are

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Best Way to Get Started: A Retreat!

Why set aside time during the summer months for a PTSA Board of Directors retreat? Just how much time do we need for a retreat? What should we accomplish during a retreat? These are questions that are often asked by both new and experienced boards. A retreat need not be a complicated event; just a

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