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Nominating Committee Report

The 2016 Lake Washington PTSA Council Nominating Committee hereby places the following names in nomination: President:  Liz Hedreen Executive Vice President: Denise Campbell and Jay Pulacode Vice President Programs: Brandi Comstock Vice President Advocacy: Erika Kapur Vice President Family & Community Engagement: Beth Sigall Treasurer: Mindy Lincicome Secretary: Susan Seabrooks Area Vice President Redmond: Desiree

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CURRENTS March 2016

CURRENTS Monthly Newsletter March 2016 –

Superintendent’s Message

We want to provide our students with the best learning environments possible, and this means responding to our ever-growing student population. The district is hard at work sharing important information with the community regarding the district’s long term facility strategy and bond funding plan, including the upcoming April 26 bond measure. We are in the

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Vote YES for LWSD Kids!

In one year, the Lake Washington School District grew from the sixth largest district in the state to the fourth largest! Our schools experience overcrowding, aging facilities, and dependence on portable classrooms and that is why a bond measure on the April 2016 ballot is so needed. This bond will reduce overcrowding without raising our

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Middle School Fundraising: Lessons Learned

Secondary PTAs (middle and high school) are very different than elementary schools.  Fewer volunteers and fewer volunteer opportunities sometimes leaves organizations feeling strapped to be relevant to their schools and wondering how to fit into the landscape between active ASB activities and booster clubs.  At council we are always looking for ways to share more

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Share Your Red with #redTuesday

The School District cannot tell us to vote yes, nor can they tell us why we should, by State law! That means we have to be the VOICE and the VOTE for YES Did you know, to pass a bond to build new schools and upgrade old ones, we have to have 60% of the

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Selecting an Effective Fundraising Strategy

As we get ready for budgeting for next year, fundraising choices move to the forefront of PTA Board discussions.  This is an in depth article that looks at analyzing your fundraising strategies and activities and helps you select those that best meet your students’, school’s, and community’s needs. Follow this link to read the full

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March Council Meeting

Council Membership Meeting Minutes – DRAFT March 3, 2016 Board Room, Lake Washington Resource Center   Call to Order: Denise Campbell, Executive Vice President, called the meeting to order at 9:33 am. A quorum was present; sign in sheets are attached. Proper meeting notice was provided. Approval of Minutes/Correspondence: Minutes of the February 4, 2016

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