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Treasurer’s Nuts and Bolts Workshop

October 29, 2014 7:00-9:00 pm Lake Washington School District Resource Center Treasurers–After groovin’ in your PTA role for a couple months, we bet you’ve had questions come up. Don’t miss our Treasurer Nuts and Bolts Roundtable tonight, October 29, at the Lake Washington Resource Center, Redmond Town Center, from 7-9 pm. Not only will you be able to

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CURRENTS June 2014

CURRENTS Monthly Newsletter June 2014:

Communication Tools for your PTA

It’s August, that time of year when all (well, OK, most) is still quiet on the PTA front.  It’s the perfect time to update websites; if you take it offline for a couple of weeks, who’s going to notice?  Tackle all those pesky updates that never get done during the year, and make sure your

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