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What Parents Need to Know about Bullying, Harassment, and Cyber Safety

Bullying – You’ve heard the word but you’re not quite sure how it applies to you and your children. Or maybe your child has been bullied. Many have. Sometimes it’s obvious, but most often it’s subtle and difficult to observe, especially if it’s online or on your child’s cell phone. Come learn what you need

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Help The Education Light Shine

By Mark W. Stuart, LWSD Board of Directors Good ideas are like lit candles.  If you keep it to yourself, no one else will ever benefit from the light. Perhaps, we all assume that everyone else has a candle that is burning just as bright. In education, ideas and innovations are the brightest candles brought

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Superintendent’s Message

By Traci Pierce, LWSD Superintendent The initial results of last Tuesday’s bond election show that 52% of voters approved the ballot measure. A 60% supermajority approval is required for bond measures to pass. Though the election results will not be validated until May 6, we know that our bond will not pass. Many staff members

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CURRENTS Monthly Newsletter – May 2014:  

Webinar: How To Tell When A Kid is Struggling Emotionally

It’s not always obvious when your child—or one you care about—is struggling emotionally. Recognizing the symptoms and seeking early and effective mental health services are critical for educational achievement, as well as long-term health and happiness. Join the National PTA and American Psychological Association (APA) on Sunday, May 4 at 7 p.m. EDT for an important conversation: How

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