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10 Smart Treasurer Practices to Start Today

Start something new today. Watch a new practice turn into a good habit and see how much easier things become. Feeling overwhelmed? Pick just one of these to implement each month. By the end of the year you’ll be right on track. 1. Have two people count money. When money is collected, always have two

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Back-To-School Checklist

Summer is a busy, busy time for us PTA leaders! In between well deserved vacation time and lemonade-infused summer home maintenance. If you have not done it yet, take some time to make sure your local unit starts the school year in tiptop shape: Review/Update Procedure books Meet with your Board to set goals, review

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Why Do We Need an Audit / Financial Review?

We can’t think of a volunteer group that would not benefit from conducting a financial review at the end of each financial year. PTAs are required to conduct a review at the end of each financial year or whenever there is a change in Treasurers. Financial Review Guidelines and Form can be found in the Money Matters handbook. Audit / Financial Review – What’s the Difference?